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Frequently Asked Questions

As required by OPRA, all Borough Public Records are found on the “Public Records” page on this website.

Per the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services – Infectious and Zoonotic Diseases Program:

“Dogs and cats under 12 months of age, as well as those with no previous history of rabies vaccination, will require revaccination one year later.  For dogs and cats that are 12 months of age and over and have a history of previous rabies vaccination, a three (3) year duration of immunity will be recognized.  Records should be maintained to ensure that animals are revaccinated when indicated.”

You may purchase a one year license from the Borough Clerk during business hours.

SHARE — an acronym for Self-Help and Resource Exchange – is a program where people get a break on their grocery bills by exchanging volunteer time for the opportunity to buy affordable food.  For each package of food purchased, we simply ask for two (2) hours of “good deed” time, whether at SHARE, other institutions in your community, or your own neighborhood.

*CONTACT: Grant AME Church (856)767-4959


First Baptist Church and Grant AME are local sources for most emergencies. First Baptist’s hours for emergency food and clothing is the third Thursday of the month 4:30PM to 8PM. Call 609-870-2089/856-767-5592

Regulations regarding Fish and Wildlife should be directed to the NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife. Use the link or call for information:

  • General Information – 609-292-2965
  • Captive Game Permits – 908-735-7040
  • Deer and Turkey Permit Hotline – 609-292-9192
  • Endangered & Nongame Species – 609-292-9400
  • Exotic Species Permits – 908-735-7040
  • Freshwater Fisheries – 908–236-2118
  • Hunter Education 877-2-HUNT-NJ or 856-629-0552
  • Importation Permits – 609-292-2966
  • Law Enforcement – use regional or Nacote Creek offices below
  • Marine Fisheries – 609-292-2083
  • Mosquito Control – 609-292-3649
  • Trout Stocking Hotline – 609-633-6765
  • Wildlife Education – 908-637-4125
  • Wildlife Control:
    North – 908-735-8793
    Central – 609-259-7955
    South – 856-629-7224
  • Wildlife Management – 609-292-6685
  • Wildlife Management Area Information – 609-984-0547
  • Wildlife Relocation Permits – 609-292-2966